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Special Award Winners

(Updated as of December 2013)

Otto Bos Lifetime Achievement Award

The Otto Bos Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an
experienced practitioner for lifetime achievement in the
public relations arena. The award is named after the late
Otto Bos, a press secretary and strategic confidant of
former California Governor Pete Wilson. Bos was a San
Diegan whose career achievements in public relations were
significant. A person nominated for this award is someone
who continually sets high standard and leads the way
for other public relations professionals. This award was
originated by PR Club of San Diego.

Otto Bos Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

1992 Otto Bos
1993 David Nuffer
1994 Bill Seaton
1995 Neil Regan, Fellow, APR
1996 Joe Lipper, APR
1997 Kenn Ulrich, APR, Fellow PRSA
1998 Kerry Tucker
1999 Alan Ziegaus
2000 Tom Gable, APR, Fellow PRSA
2001 Allen Center, APR, Fellow PRSA
2002 Laura Walcher
2003 Donna Alm, APR
2004 Mike Bardin, APR
2005 Bernie Rhinerson
2006 Bill Trumpfheller
2007 Georgeanne Irvine
2008 Glen Broom
2009 Tom Sprague
2010 Larry Thomas
2011 David Dozier, Ph.D., APR
2012 Beth Walsh
2013 Sara Katz

Deb Baker Public Relations Professional of the Year

This award was initiated by PR Club of San Diego as the
PR Professional of the Year Award and came into the Mark
of Excellence Awards structure after the merger of the two
organizations. In 2003 it was renamed the Deborah Baker
PR Professional of the Year Award in honor of Deborah
Baker, APR, who passed away just months after being
selected to receive the honor in 2002. Baker was the
director of communications for the Girls Scout, San Diego-
Imperial Counties Council and was honored, among other
things, for her work initiating “Operation Thin Mint” to send
Girl Scout cookies to troops deployed overseas.

PR Professional of the Year Award Winners

1963 Jacquies Cosse
1964 Dan Hale
1965 Fred Childress
1966 Charles T. Bryne
1967 Richard Harmon
1968 Cy Greaves
1969 Alan McGrew
1970 Gordon F. Lee
1971 No selection
1972 H. Bailey Gallison
1973 Co-winners: CDR William D. Collins, Bill Seaton
1974 Co-winners: Ardys Heise, Pat Palakowski
1975 Cam Miller
1976 Eva Irving, APR
1977 Roger Conlee, APR
1978 No selection
1979 Michael Bardin, APR
1980 Larry Anderson, APR
1981 Gail Stoorza Gill
1982 Andy Mace
1983 Melissa Keleher Johnson
1984 Jerry Ringer
1985 Sue Raney Ryan
1986 Jack Berkman, APR, Fellow PRSA
1987 Jan Percival
1988 Co-winners: Dave Nuffer, Kerry Tucker
1989 Tamara Smith-McLeod, APR
1990 Tim Larrick
1991 Kathy Kalland
1992 Michelle Mueller
1993 Laura Walcher
1994 Co-winners: Georgeanne Irvine, Jeff Jouett
1995 Glen Broom
1996 Elizabeth Pecsi, APR, Fellow PRSA
1997 Stephanie Casenza, APR
1998 Christine Trimble
1999 Dick Daniels, APR
2000 Megan Conley
2001 Bill Trumpfheller
2002 Deborah Baker, APR
2003 Sara Fraunces
2004 Scott McGaugh, APR
2005 Jeff Overton
2006 Derek Danziger, APR
2007 Dr. Bey-Ling Sha, APR
2008 Mike Rose
2009 Joice Truban Curry
2010 Mary Schmidt Krebs, APR
2011 Diana Lucero
2012 Bill Gay, APR
2013 Valerie Chereskin, APR

The Diogenes Award

The Diogenes Award is named after the ancient Greek
philosopher who carried a lantern through the streets
of Athens searching for an honest man. This award
recognizes a San Diego newsmaker who has demonstrated
a remarkable and commendable understanding of the
need for candor when dealing with the public and the
news media, regardless of any potential negative outcome.
This is an annual award recognizing a PR professional who
has done outstanding public relations work over the course
of the previous year. Any public relations professional in
San Diego County is eligible. Nominees need not be PRSA
members; however, the nomination must be made by a
PRSA member.

Diogenes Award Winners

1977 Peter Q. Davis, President and CEO, Bank of Commerce
1978 LTGEN Louis Metzger, USMC (Ret.)
1979 Danah Fayman, arts advocate
1980 Dr. Tom Payzant, Superintendent, San Diego City Schools
1981 Thomas Page, Chairman, President and CEO, SDGE
1082 Forest Shumway, Chairman and CEO, Signal Companies
1983 Dr. David Chadwick, Director of Child Protection, Children’s Hospital
1984 Gordon Luce, Chairman and CEO, Great American Federal Savings & Loan
1985 Bill Kolender, Chief of Police, City of San Diego
1986 Gerald Hirshberg, Chairman, San Diego Unified Port District Art Advisory Board
1987 Judge J. Morgan Lester, Judge, Superior Court of San Diego County
1988 Dr. J. William Cox, San Diego County Department of Health Services
1989 Brad Truax, AIDS activist
1990 Casey Gwinn, Assistant City Attorney, City of San Diego
1991 Dan Henning, Head Coach, San Diego Chargers
1992 Bob Burgreen, Chief of Police, City of San Diego
1993 Cecil Steppe, Director, San Diego County Department of Social Services
1994 Kim Caldwell, rape victim, Pacific Beach
1995 Alan Bersin, United States Attorney, San Diego
1996 Richard H. Chandler, Chairman and CEO, Sunrise Medical
1997 Dr. Brian Blackbourne, Chief Medical Examiner, County of San Diego
1998 Jesus Blancornelas, Zeta Publisher, Tijuana, Mexico
1999 Joe Harper, President and General Manager, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
2000 David Bejarano, Chief of Police, City of San Diego
2001 Juan Tintos, Secretary for Tourism, State of Baja California, Mexico
2002 Jerry Sanders, American Red Cross, San Diego chapter
2003 No selection
2004 No selection
2005 Diann Shipione, San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System
2006 Jeff Bowman, former chief, San Diego Fire Department
2007 Chris Van Gorder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scripps Health
2008 Dr. Stephen Weber, President, San Diego State University
2009 No selection
2010 Maureen Stapleton, General Manager, San Diego County Water Authority
2011 No selection
2012 Michael R. Niggli, President and Chief Operating Officer, San Diego Gas & Electric
2013 Dr. Melinda Nish, Superintendent and President of Southwestern College

Eva Irving Community Service Award

This award recognizes a public relations professional
whose volunteer efforts for non-profit, philanthropic or
public service organizations reflect the best traditions of
volunteerism. It honors the memory of the late Eva Irving,
a distinguished public relations practitioner whose career
included countless hours of volunteer service on behalf
of numerous community organizations. To be eligible, a
nominee’s volunteerism must be for an organization other
than his or her primary employer, and must be performed
by the nominee, not by staff. The nature of the work may
or may not involve public relations activities. Volunteer
contributions can be for work performed over a period of
several years. A nominee must be a member of PRSA in
order to be eligible for this award.

Eva Irving Community Service Award Winners

1988 Jerry Ringer
1989 Kitty Mones
1990 Michelle Mueller
1991 Al Reese, APR
1992 Roger Conlee, APR
1993 David Nuffer
1994 Randy Mitchell, APR
1995 Tom Gable, APR, Fellow PRSA
1996 No selection
1997 Lynne Friedmann, APR, Fellow PRSA
1998 Bill Trumpfheller
1999 No selection
2000 Stephanie Casenza, APR
2001 Bernie Rhinerson
2002 Julie Walke
2003 Julia Simms, APR
2004 Tom Sprague, APR
2005 Dick Daniels, APR
2006 No selection
2007 Jack Berkman
2008 No selection
2009 Indra Gardiner Bowers
2010 Jim McBride
2011 Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, APR
2012 Laura Walcher
2013 Jamie Lynn Sigler

New Pro of the Year

The “New Pro of the Year” Award recognizes an exceptional
public relations professional with five or fewer years
of experience in the industry. 

New Public Relations Practitioner of the Year Award Winners

2002 Sara Wacker
2003 Not available
2004 Anne Stephany
2005 Reema Makani
2006 LeAnn Gentry
2007 Sandy Young
2008 Marissa Burns
2009 Amber Strandberg
2010 April Harter
2011 Sarah Rossetto
2012 Mei Ling Starkey
2013 Rachel Hutman

Glen Broom PRSA San Diego Scholarship Award Winners

The Glen Broom PRSA San Diego Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding communications student pursuing a career in public relations at the Chapter's Holiday Party in December. Award winners receive a $1,500 scholarship, or other amount as designated by the Board of Directors.

Glen Broom Scholarship Award Winners

2001 Jessica Eslinger, San Diego State University
2002 Charity Lacey, San Diego State University
2003 Lorena Nava, San Diego State University
2004 Julia Newman, San Diego State University
2005 Kara Moriarty, San Diego State University
2006 Tammy Lam, San Diego State University
2007 Brittany Rawlings, San Diego State University
2008 Brittany Garrison, San Diego State University
2009 Emily Anderson, San Diego State University
2010 Jemalyn Chavez, San Diego State University
2011 Delanie Billman, San Diego State University

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